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Emerge's Bits & Bytes: April 2024

One of Emerge's main goals has always been to reduce complexity for developers & with our latest updates to ReaperAI we think we've taken a huge step in that direction. With ReaperAI, we're taking aim at our next big problem: code size.

As lines of code increase, we see a number of issues: more bugs, negative downstream technical impact (app size, startup time, etc), increased dev comprehension cost, & slower build times. We believe that with the combination of our existing product suite to analyze & collect crucial app data (context) + the ability to understand source code & open pull requests - the possibilities are endless. We're excited to see what you all think of ReaperAI!

P.S. The Emerge team will be in Chicago next week for Deep Dish Swift 🍕. Stop by, say hello, enter some cool raffles 😎

What we're building

️💀 🤖 ReaperAI

We're very excited to officially introduce ReaperAI, a tool designed to automatically delete dead code. ReaperAI uses runtime analysis to find dead code in your app and can then open pull requests to delete relevant code. Check out the demo below for more details!

You can also sign up for early access to ReaperAI 👇

️🗑️ Automatically delete protocols without conformances

The video above covers how the Reaper SDK monitors production to uncover unused code. We leverage this same functionality to delete code based on our static analysis for unused protocols.

UI for deleting unused protocols
🔗 Create shareable links

You can now make Emerge's analysis of your app publicly accessible. Whether you're an SDK provider that wants to help provide a detailed Size Analysis of their impact or you're an indie app that wants to brag about your app architecture to your friends. Shareable links make it easy for users to take internally uploaded builds and have those builds be viewable without an Emerge account.

UI for running a performance profile

What we're reading

We have a few more ✨exciting announcements✨ this month that we can't wait to share 🤗

Until then, hope everyone enjoyed these Bits and Bytes ❤️

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