Security at Emerge

We follow security best practices and employ comprehensive audits to protect your data.


Emerge audits our infrastructure and policies to continuously comply with industry standards.

We're in the process of getting SOC 2 Type I certification with the help of Drata. This will certify our commitment to security and protecting your data. Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more.


Emerge's infrastructure consists primarily of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the us-west-1 region. Additionally, we maintain MacStadium machines at the Las Vegas datacenter.

Uploads are sent securely to S3 where they are automatically encrypted at rest. All data transfer is secured over industry standard HTTPS.


Emerge operates on build outputs, without ever needing to access your source code. Users upload their app’s xcarchive file, which contains the binary publicly available on the Apple App Store as well as dSYM files. Because our custom analysis can be performed with just this data, we do not access information on your users or source files. The information uploaded to Emerge is likely the same as what is already provided to third party crash reporting tools.

Reporting Issues

We welcome reports from the community on security issues we should know about. Please contact us at [email protected]

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