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Emerge's Bits & Bytes: December 2023

Happy end of 2023 🎉🎉🎉

2023 was a great year for Emerge Tools, we released:

  • Snapshots into production, the only snapshot testing tool that doesn't require test code + handles image generation, storage, and diffing.
  • Reaper went into beta, the only SDK that identifies dead-code based on real user sessions (☠️ coming 2024 ☠️)
  • Multiple open-source projects, including ETTrace and ETSymbolication, the only non-apple service to symbolicate SwiftUI.
  • This newsletter, the only Emerge Tools newsletter 🥸

Going to keep this edition short and sweet. The team had a great time at BASwiftable earlier this month, and we're all looking forward to time off for the holidays and hitting the ground running in 2024 🛸.

Emerge team @ Swiftable
Emerge team @ Swiftable

What we're building

It's December. Lots of our time went into preparing for 2024, but we also had several big open-source releases. If you're looking for some hacking during downtime, you can try out a SwiftUI effects library or dive into low-level symbolication 🥂.

Open Sourcing Pow, Effects for SwiftUI

We worked with Robb Böhnke to open-source Pow, an incredible SwiftUI library for transitions and change effects. S/O to Joe Fabisevich (@mergesort) for helping maintain Pow going forward. The community response has been amazing, with support already being added for VisionOS!

GIF showing a pop effect in Pow
ETSymbolication + the Emerge Tools Symbolicator

Looking for a way to symbolicate SwiftUI? More details 👇

Screenshot of Emerge Tools Symbolicator
Emerge Tools Symbolicator

What we're writing

Symbolicating SwiftUI (and any Apple Framework), Part 2

Part 1 of this series showed how to uncover the symbols for any framework. In Part 2, we unveiled ETSymbolication, an open-source repo that lets anyone easily find symbols + walkthrough how anyone can build their own symbolicator.

Leveraging Emerge Tools in CI/CD Pipelines for iOS App Size Optimisation

Our friends at CodeMagic wrote about how iOS apps can use Emerge Tools to manage their iOS app size, including how a Flutter app like SoFi could cut over 50 MB from its install size.

What we're reading

Reverse Engineering iMessage

Curious how Beeper works? Here’s an overview of iMessage internals.

LeakCanary Masterclass (video)

A deep-dive into Android Memory Leaks and LeakCanary with PY.

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy New Year! We'll see you all in 2024 ❤️

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