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Emerge's Bits & Bytes: February 2024

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What we're building

Snapshot Accessibility Tooling

With one line, you can get snapshots of accessibility elements in your previews (docs).

Code snippet showing emergeAccessibility() in a preview

emergeAccessibility() uses AccessibilitySnapshot to visualize accessibility elements on your preview.

Screenshot highlighting accessibility elements

This is our second major accessibility release after our open-source method to get Xcode accessibility audits on every preview. We’re very excited for even more accessibility updates to help improve an underserved area of mobile.

"If you use SwiftUI it’s a no-brainer compared to other snapshot testing approaches." - Eric Horacek, iOS @ OpenAI.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves 🙂

ETTrace support for visionOS & tvOS

ETTrace can now profile tvOS and visionOS apps right from the simulator or via the developer strap.

What we're writing

How to use VariadicView, SwiftUI's Private View API

Learn about the private SwiftUI API that helps us automatically turn previews into snapshot tests.

App Deep Dive: Twitter vs. X

Just how much has Twitter changed since it became X? We compared the app binaries from the last version of Twitter to the current version of X to find out.

Glossary: App Thinning

What is app thinning + how it optimizes your app for users.

What we're reading

Until next time, hope everyone enjoyed these Bits and Bytes ❤️

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