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Emerge's Bits & Bytes: October 2023

We had a great time last month at NSSpain, with our co-founder Noah Martin giving his first conference talk! You can check out the slides for his talk and we'll post the full video when it's up!

Speaking at NSSpain

This month, we'll again be on the road for Droidcon London and will highlight some of what's new in our Android products below! If you'll be in London, say hello at our table and pick up some Emerge swag!

What we're building

MultiPreview Annotations

Emerge now supports Multipreview annotations for Snapshots, making it easier to generate custom annotations. For example, this:

// FontScalePreviews
  name = "Small font",
  fontScale = 0.5f,
  name = "Large font",
  fontScale = 1.5f,
annotation class FontScalePreviews

// MockPreview
fun MockPreview() {
  Text("This is a mock comment I wrote for the test")

Generates these snapshots:

doggo wearing emerge swag
Local span confirmation (Android performance testing)

With Emerge's Performance Analysis, you can test custom flows (UserLoginFlow, UserCheckout, etc.) to determine if a span had a statistically significant change in runtime performance. This improvement makes it easier to debug and verify that spans show up locally before running in CI.

Gradle plugin 2.0
  • New plugin API with cleaner product configuration
  • Automatically set Git/GitHub info on uploads
  • Configuration cache support
  • Multi-app support
Android Performance 2.0

It's the month for 2.0s 🤷. Some of what's new:

  • Significant performance & stability improvements
  • Custom metrics - you can now measure...pretty much anything with our performance testing - battery level, memory usage, etc.
  • Custom startup tests

What we're writing

Effortless iOS Snapshot Testing Using Emerge (Handshake)

The Handshake iOS team was one of the first teams to fully integrate our Snapshots product. Here, they write about how the experience has been.

Comparing the Performance of the Top 6 Analytics SDKs for iOS

How does an SDK impact the performance of your app? Brian Capps of Lickability used Emerge to compare the performance impact of the top 6 analytics SDKs for iOS.

8 Tips to Optimize your iOS app

Emerge's Itay Brenner talks with Vincent Pradeilles about 8 ways to improve iOS app performance.

What we're reading

A new approach to testing in Swift

The Swift team is exploring improvements in testing + share their vision for testing in Swift.

How does Linux start a process

A detailed explanation of how Linux starts a process. Lots of ELF goodies in here.

Lambda Cold starts benchmark

Visualization of cold starts for different run times. Short and sweet, cool to look at.

Open-Source Sponsorship

Here are a few of the great open-source projects we sponsor. Check them out if you haven't heard of them! If you know of projects to sponsor, let us know!

Detekt - Static code analysis for Kotlin by detekt team

Vapor - Http web framework for Swift by Vapor team

EffectiveAndroidUI - Sample project showing Android best practices by Pedro Gómez

Dogs of Emerge

This is Gigi. She's a good girl. Tweet us a pic of your doggo and we'll send you an Emerge Dog Tag + a shirt (must be following)! Can use shirt for dogs or humans.

doggo wearing emerge swag

Hope you enjoyed these bits and bytes!

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