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Monitor and reduce app size
Strip binary symbols
Potential savings 39.4 MB (14.17%)
Optimize images
Potential savings 13.5 MB (4.84%)
Remove duplicate files
Potential savings 6.6 MB (2.36%)
Place scaled images in asset catalogs
Potential savings 5.1 MB (1.84%)
Remove binary symbol metadata
Potential savings 3.1 MB (1.12%)
Minify localized strings
Potential savings 757.8 kB (0.27%)
Found 1336 files under 4KB. Many small files take up extra space on disk, add to code signing overhead and make size estimates less accurate. There are a total of 2073 files in your app, moving the loose files to NSDataAssets would save 3.8 MB.
802 strings files
409 png files
Prevent regressions
Automated performance testing done on real physical devices gives your team confidence they're always shipping a top-tier mobile experience.
Diagnose and root-cause
Our revolutionary flamegraph diffs visualize a stacktrace comparison of two builds to make it easy to identify and fix performance issues.
Improve app startup time
A binary ordering service to reduce app launch time by up to 15%, like magic.
Cut down build times
A custom linker to reduce mobile build times, from the creator of popular open-source framework, zld.
Delete dead code
An innovative new way to detect dead code in your app. Available in private beta for existing customers.
Devs ❤️ Emerge
"Emerge has allowed Faire to dig deeper into App Size beyond what we could have ever imagined."
Jeff Hodnett
Director of Engineering, Faire
"Please run this for all our sakes..."
"Emerge has become an essential tool in our mobile build flow. Since using Emerge, we've shed 30% of our app size and sped up startup time, all without needing to be the experts to do it."
Gary Phillips
Senior Director of Engineering, Airtime
"We're finding Emerge to be an invaluable part of our toolchain, when doing app development at scale, and ensuring we're a good citizen on our customer's devices."
Tim Searle
Principal Mobile Engineer, Marks and Spencers

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